A sultry retelling of the classic, Lusty Little Women brings the adventures of the March sisters into untapped realms. The creative narrative seamlessly combines Louisa May Alcott's original characters — slightly older here — with a stream of hot scenes that brings the story to a most un-Alcott climax.

Who hasn’t wondered what would happen if the March sisters were free to do as they please? Here are the romantic scenarios fans have always fantasized about: Laurie and Jo have the fling they were destined to have, but it’s plagued by Jo’s detachment and Laurie’s desire to be more than just friends with benefits. Marmee explores the local gentlemen while her husband is away at war. And Amy discovers that growing up with Meg March can be an advantage to a young woman seeking a sentimental education.

Fall in love all over again with the March sisters and their pursuits of passion.

​Also available as an Audio Book from Insatiable Press

Lusty Little Women

Louisa May Alcott's Classic Retold as a Risque Romance