The March sisters are little women no more in this hot-and-heavy, abbreviated retelling of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel.

​Meg, Jo and Amy are all grown up and becoming well-versed in the womanly arts indeed. But ru
nning a house and keeping track of the children brings its own set of challenges—especially to one's romantic life. Find out if the ladies can keep up their ardor as Margaret Pearl seamlessly weaves Louisa May Alcott's original text into a tapestry of tantalizing scenes. Fans of of the original classic and devotees of historical romance alike will adore the story of Lusty Little Men, falling in love all over again with the March sisters and their pursuits of passion.

For readers who loved Lusty Little Women and want to follow the sisters to their next adventure, this ebook novella is for you!

Lusty Little Men

Louisa May Alcott's Classic Retold as a Risque Romance